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Imagine if all that time you've spent frustrated at what you didn't do was spent on work that can get you hired.

The adage is "if you wait for inspiration to write then you're not a writer. you're a waiter." But what if you're not just waiting for inspiration? What if you're waiting for your anxiety to get down to manageable levels? Or your simply doing your best to stay motivated in hard times?


Either way you don't get paid.




Building a consistent, profitable, reliable writing process that serves you despite hardship is absolutely a possibility if you learn the strategies, tools, and techniques that I will teach you because I’ve been where you are. 


I spent hours looking at others in my same field finish drafts like crazy and get staffed while I’m trying to do everything possible just trying to get my work seen! II wrote every day, stayed up insane hours, and rarely took time to enjoy my life. I was doing anything and everything I could to keep up with this industry and it still wasn't enough!

Aren't You Tired Of...

Writing comes with its set of universal struggles. I know you resonate with these because I've been exactly where you are.

Trying To Stay Motivated Despite Extraordinary Circumstances

Being Afraid To Start A Project Because You Know You'll Just Quit


Wondering How Long You Can Keep Accountability With Yourself

Letting Feelings of Overwhelm, Depression, Or Anxiety Have The Steering Wheel On Your Creativity


Working Hours


Projects Done


Happy Clients

My Achievements.

I honestly do love the sound of my own voice but I prefer for my work to speak for itself. The great thing is that, after working with me, so will you.

  • JANUARY 2017 - NOVEMBER 2018

    Bridge17 Scriptwriter's Studio

    I, alongside with my partners, conceived and created a scriptwriting services studio that addressed the specific needs of POC screenwriters -- specifically black screenwriters -- in the Atlanta area.

  • NOVEMBER 2018 - JUNE 2019

    Tyler Perry Studios

    After being recruited, I joined Tyler Perry Studios where I got a chance to witness an extremely fast paced environment and what's necessary to thrive within it. 

  • JUNE 2019 - PRESENT


    I was offered a job at HBO studios and relocated to LA. It is here that all the skills and and experience garnered at TPS came to play because the true demands of a highly-productive professional workplace became clearer than ever.

SPOILER ALERT: You shouldn't spend your time combating yourself! You should be your own biggest fan!

There are two things you need to be a successful writer in any field:


To Be Consistent and a Unique Perspective


How would it feel to finish a final draft only a couple months after your last one, book generals with representatives, and field queries from editors and showrunners?

"Jeremiah provided the clarity I needed to confront my writing and acting roles from Saints and Sinners to American Soul

Kaye Singleton

Writer | Actress | Producer

The Thriving Scribe Group Coaching Program.

By enrolling in The Thriving Scribe Coaching Program, you’ll know how to stand out on the page and attract dream opportunities. Not the ones that drain you and want to negotiate your time and energy, but the opportunities that can pave the way for an amazing career!



Booking general meetings from representatives who dismissed you before but are champing at the bit to meet with you now.


Knowing exactly how to construct a compelling, original story AND write to market .


Making enough money to write full time + take vacations.


Getting your confidence as a writer back and ready to plan multiple projects throughout the year.


Here’s what we’ll work on during our 3 months together.

Weekly Coaching Sessions
We’ll have 12 private 60-minute coaching sessions over the course of 3 months via ZOOM video conferencing platform and really start focusing on you, your vision, and your goals. Each session will be focused on theThriving Scribe Framework:


Module 1 - Life Management: Where You Are Right Now And How To Get Started 

Before we take any action we need to get clear on the type of struggles you're currently facing. We’ll learn what makes them tick and what your doing -- knowingly or unknowingly -- that allows them to take hold in your productive hours.


Module 2 - Transitioning Into Fundamentals

We’ll evaluate your routines and patterns (especially those that have nothing to do with writing) and build an ecosystem of habits based on personal development and self-advocacy. This is key to boosting productive miindsets.


Module 3 - Your Body Feeds Your Work

We often ignore what our body is trying to tell us as we're hard away at work. This can lead to blocks in our receptiveness to our writing in addition to seriously debilitating conditions. Here we put the emphasis on what we can do to recharge our minds and supplement the work.


Module 4 - Integration

We’ll work together to create intuitive systems in your writing process so that every aspect of your productive hours is as seamless and productive as your story is compelling. 


Module 5 - Using What You've Learned

We’ll work together to make sure the lessons you've learned thus far are implemented into a tangible, sellable product. Using your Simple Scribe's Blueprint, we'll begin constructing a first draft of your dream project.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Pre-writing Checklists

Body Awareness + Movement Sessions

In-depth Coverage Report

Project Development (first 20pgs)

The Simple Scribe's Blueprint

Implementation Library

After each session, you’ll have 2 weeks to complete the action items I give you so we can stay on track with your coaching plan. You’ll have access to an always-expanding knowledge base with tutorials and trainings to help you complete these items even faster. This library is available to you throughout our partnership.


Unlimited Guidance Between Sessions

You will have access to me Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm EST via Voxer (a walkie-talkie app on your phone). You'll be able to send text, voice, photo, and video messages to me whenever you get stuck on an action item and need a little help. This way you won't have to wait until the next session to ask your questions. We can move quicker to achieving your goals. You’ll have unlimited feedback and audits on anything relating to your writing, including (but not limited to): Outlines, Treatments, Beat Sheets, One-Pagers, Manuscripts, Articles, Scripts,  etc. We’re in this thing together!

"What I learned gave me a new perspective on my relationship with my work which helped me become a 2020 Indie Grits Film Fest awards winner. Appreciate you, Jeremiah!"

Olamma Oparah​

Writer | Actress | Producer


There isn’t a magic keyboard out there (well, Apple has one but that's not what I'm referring to)  that’s going to suddenly gift you with everything you need to know. Stop trying to do this on your own. This is costing you a lot of time and money. How much more time and money do you have to waste to finally get the help and support you really need.


Right now, you could learn how to monetize your writing, position yourself as an industry leader, while having your own productivity coach on your side and eliminating any guesswork so you have a clear path to success.




Wouldn’t it be great to finally…

  • Stop wasting time and money on gimmicky writing techniques that fail to address the root cause of your problems.
  • Not be burnt out from battling feelings of overwhelmed instead of actually writing. You’ll know where to focus your time and energy so you’re building authority and being easily discovered by new people every day.
  • Say “I'm writing this as sample to get staffed by a showrunner I admire” and then actually getting staffed by a showrunner you admire!
  • Not worry about the cost of living raise at your boring Full-time job because you’re making at least an extra $10k each year from your writing.

Hey There! I'm Jeremiah!

I help writers of all kinds turn their abandoned project into completed works you can get PAID for. If you're here that means you're interested in applying for a VIP Day with me! Together we'll uncover missed productivity opportunities in your routine, create your signature project and make you into your own favorite writer!

We Should Work Together If:

✅ The quality of your work improves because you’re motivated and productive

✅ You've integrated new, restorative habits to your day to ease the strain on your mind and body

✅Your writing sessions breeze by instead of a slog where you anxiously watch the clock


✅ You have a wide variety of writing samples that showcase your skills. A MUST for obtaining representation or getting writing jobs.

  • Radical change in our lives requires radical change from within. If you're constantly finding yourself hitting a wall on every project then that is a MAJOR PROBLEM

  • The great thing is that the sheer act of taking that first step is already HUGE.  Follow that step with another. 


This mindset guarantees writing both healthy and market viable

We SHouldn't Work Together If:

❌ The thought of writing makes you stressed and unproductive


❌ You rely on cheap 'life hacks' that work around your issues instead of confronting them

❌ You're afraid to submit your work--maybe you fear it’ll end up in the spam folder. Trashed. Laughed at. Or, worse, not even considered at all.

❌ You hesitate even starting a project for fear that you're idea isn't any good to begin with.

  • These fears are nothing new. Hell, in the grand scheme of challenges you'll face during your professional writing career, they're not even that interesting.

  • What It all comes down to is how you manage your inevitable struggles. What is your relationship to your work? Is it a comfort or an obligation?

This mindset can only limit your output and kill your passion

Ready To Get Started?

By following my program you will have a system that positions you as the expert quickly while allowing you to turn your writing into paying jobs.


With me as your productivity coach, you’ll have a shortcut to more output. You won’t be wasting your time on pointless struggles to get something on the page that doesn’t even lead to queries.


I’m eliminating any guesswork for you with proven revenue generating templates so you don’t feel like you’re starting from scratch. With me there’s no trial and error. There’s only success and accountability.


You’ll finally have someone who can help you focus on content that is making the framework for you so you’re not having frustrating writing sessions.

Fill Out The Application and Let's Get To Work!


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