Psssstt - Calling all writers looking to solve their screenplay struggles

What if you could write a screenplay in less time, have more fun doing it, and it be as simple as 1, 2, 3...

This workbook and planner is your writing coach, cheerleader and accountability partner all-in-one. While other books teach writing, this one gets it done!


Grab your copy and learn first-hand the skills that propelled me from Tyler Perry Studios to HBO!


Achieving story excellence through craft, process and system

This is a must read for any screenwriter. The book is full of solid information that you can use to help make your story stand out from the crowd and help you take your career to the next level. I know it’s helped me.

Celeste Banks

Writer | Producer

Winner of Georgia Film Impact 2019 and Atlanta Film Festival Quarter Finals 2019

I am a beginner screenwriter, and I have to say that The Simple Scribe's Blueprint by far has been the best investment I have ever made in my writing. It's my go-to place for all the things I need to know about screenwriting. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning about screenwriting!

Oluwatosin Anifowose


ALRIGHT. Here's where the problem starts >>>

  • "Just focus on writing your ideas down" they say.

  • "Keep writing and eventually the story will reveal itself" they say.

  • "The more you give, the more you'll get" they say.

Waitaminute. Who are they?

(and how come this always equates to never finishing a script?)

This offer is only good for the next...


>> Then there's the other side of the spectrum... >>

  • Producers who don't write but instead spend a lot of money on already written scripts

  • The ones who brag that "writing is easy"

  • People who have no idea how emotionally and physically draining writing can be.

Seriously, who are these people

(and why do their words make my teeth itch?)

Jeremiah Timmons Here... a screenwriter, I've been in your shoes.


I know what it's like to feel stuck. To feel like you have no idea how or where to start your screenwriting career. To not even know if screenwriting is for you. I've been there, and I can help you too!


The most important thing for a screenwriter is to know who they are writing for, and why.


I help screenwriters move past self-imposed blocks to write their best work and get hired.

It’s a problem I’ve been solving for screenwriters for years now. And, it’s a problem I see more and more writers struggling with.

Listen, I see you...


With an honest mission to get you're story out there because you know there are those out there who need to hear it.


And you're crazy good at what you do.


Searching out resources to improve your writing, showing up to write whenever you can, finding writing communities, and developing your ideas into scripts...

Anna Lyft

Are you ready to move past screenwriting struggles and write your perfect script?

Let me know if you've ever had these thoughts...

  • What's the first thing you do when you start to plan or write a script? 


  • What do agents, producers, and showrunners as to see before they even LOOK at your script?


  • Why do I need to worry about pre-writing before starting my script?


  • What goes into making an exicting antagonist?


  • What is an outline and why do I need one?


Annnddd look at that. 2 hours later and no writing to show for it.

Writing a script is EXHAUSTING.

Screenwriting is hard. That’s a simple truth. It requires a rare mix of skills to pull off.

Screenwriting can be a difficult process to get started. We need to learn the basics of structure and formatting, and they need to learn how to write dialogue, and how to incorporate conflict. 


Here's the thing: you work way too hard to "just keep writing" hoping the "story will reveal itself."


And you work especially too hard to ever have your work second-guessed because of something as trivial as story structure or format. (Nope. You're not going out like that)


Instead, you just need a little direction when it comes to writing and finishing high-quality scripts.


A little guidance so you can run with your premise - showing off your smart, insightful, UNIQUE writing voice…all the while getting the attention all good writers deserve with confidence and grace.

​That’s why you could use a little helping hand to get you rolling...

Because I swear -
Staring at a blank Final Draft page with the blinking cursor 
Is slow-poison-death to the screenwriter

So what’s a creative screenwriter like you to do when getting started is the hardest part?


Personally, I believe it means going by  the sexiest six-letter word in the industry….



But let's not stop there







Having this kind of ammo in your writing toolkit saves time, stress, and the deep pockets needed for investing in expensive webinars. 


It helps you write more confidently and gives you a clearer direction on where to take your script. 


Because once you have *something* on paper, you’ve given yourself something to work with. 

And if you're with me here, then I'm so stoked to pass along the real-deal of Screenwriting Workbooks and Planners

...not overpromising and underdelivering

...not asking you to go from 0 to 100 with your writing output

Just the perfect amount of strategy & direction 

to have your audience soak up your badass scripts 

and hurry to hire you before someone beats them to it.




Like your favorite Jamaican food spot that still somehow tastes homemade 


The Simple Scribe's Blueprint 

All the success without the struggle

In this comprehensive workbook and planner, I share my secrets of creating new characters and honing your skills to create dynamic, multidimensional fictional personalities that live on the pages. I will also teach you to plot scenes and write meaningful dialogue.

“I'm a writer with a decent amount of experience, but I still struggle with the fear that, in the moment, I just won't be able to write. That's what The Simple Scribe's Blueprint helped me realize; I just needed to change my routine. Now, I'm on a deadline and writing every day because it's become a habit.”

Colbie Frey, Writer | Producer | Director

Winner of Sundance Festival Official Selection 2019


How To Go From First Draft To A Final Draft That Hooks

The Simple Scribe's Blueprint contains everything you need to know about writing a screenplay, presented step-by-step for easy application. You'll learn what formats screenplays follow, how writing a screenplay can be physically exhausting, and how to create a killer story that will impress agents, managers, producers, and directors. 

The Best Way To Format Your Story For Others To Enjoy.

Today, you're going to learn the basics of writing a screenplay and how to format it so you can start getting your script out of your head and onto paper. 







The Industry Standards:

Plot, Conflict, and Character

There are many scripts available online for free, but how do you know which is the most accurate? Or if there are typos or mistakes that will hinder your efforts as a screenwriter?





The One Thing More Important Than The Script

Your first job as a screenwriter is to create a story and make sure it makes sense. Producers, agents, and showrunners will always ask for this ONE DOCUMENT before they even mention seeing your script. You'll learn what you need to have to make sure you come correct.




Tired of having to start from scratch when you set out to write a screenplay? Tired of creating characters, developing the world, creating backdrops for your story; everything from scratch?


Why waste time creating everything from scratch? Write faster than you ever thought possible. I've done the hard work for you, so follow the blueprint and take control of your story.


Habit building is hard enough when you're trying to start a new habit. It's even harder when you add the element of screenwriting.


For screenwriters, the most important habit to build is writing every single day. 


Screenwriters who don’t develop habits often find themselves in a pit of quicksand where they constantly struggle for traction.



The Simple Scribe's Blueprint is exactly that - a blueprint for writing scripts, from the concept to the finished draft, and then on to screen. I'll show you how to write your idea in 3 weeks. You'll also have all the tools you need to create a full few draft of your script (or revise a finished script) within 30 days.







Use Our Story Metric To Make Your Ideas As Impactful As Possible

Story Metric is a story development assessment tool used to evaluate a screenplay’s originality, marketability, and adaptability to different media formats.

Plus These Bonuses

Free Script Coverage (Value $250)

Are you looking for script coverage service to help assess your screenplay? Are you ready to be rated immediately on your storyline, dialogue, character, and other story elements by professional screenwriters? Then click the link to grab your copy!



The Simple Scribe's Outline + Beat Sheet (Value $49)

My ​comprehensive ​guide ​to ​becoming ​a successful and profitable screenwriter. It's already helped thousands of screenwriters across the world! From start to finish you will learn everything you need to know to get your scripts out there for the world to read.


Free 15min Script Development Consultation

(Value $450)

If you're a beginning or experienced screenwriter, I can help with the first phase of your screenplay development.


I'm happy to give you a free 15 min consultation on plotting and dialogue via a Zoom call.

VALUE: $759


PRICE: $97

Today’s Price: $18



The Simple Scribe Blueprint is a terrific reference tool for newbie screenwriters and an excellent refresher for those of us who have been doing this for years.



Kaye Singleton

Writer - Director - Actress

Recently sold her original pilot to the ALLBLK Network

This is the book I wish I'd had when I was first getting started. The Simple Scribe's Blueprint is for any aspiring screenwriter who's interested in learning the ins and outs of writing a screenplay.

Olamma Oparah

Writer - Director - Producer

Winner of Inde Film Grits 2018

I highly recommend the Blueprint for all screenwriters. I've been through two other screenwriting books and none of them compare to the quality of this one.


Steven Freeman

Writer- Producer

Producer on BMF at the Starz Network


 Is this the part when I say how your world will be flipped upside down if you don’t purchase this?
Don't worry - our world is already flipped. 

As a screenwriter, you may be looking for a partner that you can trust to help with creating engaging scripts and marketing materials. It's why I've always marketed myself and my product from the viewpoint of authenticity and credibility. So I’m not about to throw a curveball and tell you that this offer is only available this week. Because I don’t know that for certain.


I don’t have a crystal ball for when I decide to take it down and make them proprietary for my programs. (But yes, that is the next phase).


So the most accurate thing I can tell you is that by putting off purchasing The Simple Scribe's Blueprint - you’ll just continue wasting time trying to connect with your writing audience, and a heckuva lot more time spent trying to convince people to trust your work, too. Simple as that. With the templates and strategies you'll receive, what is the cost to you for putting off impact-focused screenwriting that has proven to increase your writing output and engagement from those who can change your career? 


For the amount of time and funds you put into your writing software, workshops, and productivity-boosting practices, I know you want to confidently craft scripts that grab your readers and don't let them slip away. Allow me to help you get the YES quicker when you send off your writing. This entire Blueprint is INSTANTLY yours on the other side of this page. 

VALUE: $759


PRICE: $97

Today’s Price: $18

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What happens when I click buy

    A: First, do the shmoney dance because you just received a metric ton of goodies that will benefit your professional screenwriting efforts.

    Second, keep an eye out in your download folder. From there, you'll have full access to every component of The Simple Scribe's Blueprint. Assets are delivered in a fillable PDF with a link to a editable Google Doc within the workbook.

  • Q: What level of screenwriter is this best for?

    A: The Simple Scribe's Blueprint is BEST geared towards screenwriters who have yet to establish the ground rules for how their writing process should go, baby screenwriters at the start of their careers, or screenwriters who find themselves getting overwhelmed with every project.

    Unfortunately, it was not created for novelists and blog writing.

  • Q: How long do I have access for?

    A: This wealth of screenwriting glory is yours FO-EV-OR (Sandlot style)

  • Q: What if I'm not writing anything right now?

    A: Here’s my motto: if you’re not in script writing mode, then you’re in pre-writing mode! And yep - I’ve got you covered with pre-writing and weekly, monthly, and daily planners. 

    Bottom line - this screenwriting workbook and planner can quite literally serve you in every festival or staffing season - from pre-writing materials, development stages, one-off outlines, and weekly script revisions.

    The Simple Scribe's Blueprint has it all on lockdown for you!

The easiest way to make your screenplay everything it can be.

The Simple Scribe's Blueprint 

VALUE: $759


PRICE: $97

Today’s Price: $18


I'm Jeremiah Timmons


Hi, I'm Jeremiah Timmons. In The Thriving Scribe, I'm a screenwriter and writing strategist that helps writers move beyond themselves.


I understand what it's like to have motivation strangled by bad habits.


Now, I've taken my skills from Tyler Perry Studios to HBO.


I'm also contracted on several projects in addition to writing and producing my own. Just five years ago, I never would've thought I'd get to this point in my career. I was tired and burnt out, spending all my time trying to justify me holding my job. I decided I was going to bet on myself, invest in help, and put in the work.


For years, I tried everything to move past my resistance and reach my goals until I finally cracked the code.


Now, I’ve helped dozens of writers get staffed, published, and remain all the more healthy for it.


I can help you too.

Let's recap...

Here's What You'll Get With Your Copy of...

The Simple Scribe's Blueprint 

A workbook and planner for screenwriters, by screenwriters.












    The scariest part of writing isn’t getting started, it’s finishing

    The Simple Scribe's Blueprint is a one-stop shop where screenwriters can write their script, organize their ideas, and turn their characters into deep and meaningful people.


    Let's get you that finished script, shall we?

    VALUE: $759


    PRICE: $97

    Today’s Price: $18

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