I’m Jeremiah Timmons.

Professional Writer

About Me

Hi, I'm Jeremiah Timmons. In The Thriving Scribe, I'm a screenwriter and productivity coach that helps writers move beyond themselves.


I understand what it's like to have motivation strangled by bad habits.


Now, I've taken my skills from Tyler Perry Studios to HBO.

I'm also contracted on several projects in addition to writing and producing my own.


Just five years ago, I never would've thought I'd get to this point in my career.


I was tired and burnt out, spending all my time trying to justify me holding my job.


I decided I was going to bet on myself, invest in help, and put in the work.


For years, I tried everything to move past my resistance and reach my goals until I finally cracked the code.


Now, I’ve helped dozens of writers get staffed, published, and remain all the more healthy for it.


I can help you too.

Worked With Writers of All Backgrounds

10 Years Experience

Helped Clients Sell + Win Awards + Get Staffed


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"Jeremiah provided the clarity I needed to confront my writing and acting roles from Saints and Sinners to American Soul."

Kaye Singleton

Writer | Actress | Producer

"I had so many ideas I wanted express but was super intimidated. In the time since, I’ve made the AFF Quarter Finals as well as Georgia Film Impact.

Celeste Banks

Writer | Actress | Producer

The Simple Scribe's Blueprint

Ready to learn how to build your money-making writing routine from the ground up? Forming market ready projects doesn't have to be complicated. So many writers aren’t taking the steps needed to have consecutive writing projects at the ready. Download this free blueprint and I’ll should you my signature step-by-step strategy to turn a writing slump into a tried and tested creative process.


    Achieving a goal often involves developing a new routine and sticking to it. Whether you want to network more, take on more consulting work, wake up earlier or exercise regularly, you’ll have to cement your intention by making it a habit.


    Have you ever felt like, no matter how hard you try, you can never reach your major goals? Don’t fret. One way you can fix this is to create goals for the major areas of your life and take action using our planner. 


    Writing  is challenging. Not only do you have to brainstorm, research, outline and everything else necessary to prepare, but the writing itself has so many elements. Using a template to write your book comes with so many benefits and makes the process easier in many ways.

Done In A Day


I help writers of all kinds turn their abandoned project into completed works you can get PAID for. If you're here that means you're interested in applying for a VIP Day with me! Together we'll uncover missed productivity opportunities in your routine, create your signature project and make you into your own favorite writer!

Thriving Scribe Group Coaching Program

The solution for screenwriters and novelists struggling with accountability who want to ditch low energy, slog writing sessions and gain the praise and paychecks of an amazing writing career.

Weekly Live Coaching

We have coaching calls every Wednesday and a Q&A session every Friday! We'll also have online resources to teach a business topic that will help you get reps and networks saying "yes" even faster.

The Thriving Scribe Method

Say "bye-bye" to guesswork! You'll have lifetime access to training modules, scripts, and templates to help you easily finish your next 3 projects with energy to spare.


Member Community

We have whole community dedicated to collaboration, answering questions, and holding each other accountable. We're in this together!



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